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    solid is solutions focused

    I'm programming a journey

    my client won't confirm yet

    solid wants to work with you. Check availability for your dates then keep in touch.


    When you are fairly certain of your journey, secure the fleet by making the booking and a part payment.

    Do I have to hire the full fleet?


    solid only hires the full Ten Canoe Complete Fleet and we only hire to professional organisations and outdoor providers. We chose 10 tandem canoes to suit running two small groups, or a medium to large size group.


    Note a tandem canoe can be paddled solo by a skilled guide or intermediate participant! Just load the front area to trim the boat, or sit to paddle it backwards.


    We book as one to seven days per hire period for the same fee. This allows you some flexibility to suit weather, collecting the gear early or returning later than your planned actual trip days.

    OK but I only need 8 canoes

    no worries

    Easily secure the remaining canoes to the trailer with the straps, cables and locks provided.


    Any small gear should be locked in your vehicle then leave it all at your base camp or exit point.


    If required you can plan to return the trailer to it's convenient storage location during your trip.

    Do you require a bond payment?

    no! (not at the moment)

    solid does not currently require a bond on top of the hire fee. We do require a deposit at the time of signing the Equipment Hire Agreement, then full payment in advance of your hire period start date.


    Talk to us if there are changes to permitted activities, natural disaster or area closures, gear losses or significant damage.


    If you are not a long-established outdoor provider, we may then request some form of security deposit.

    Why the extra gear?

    for safety

    With the Ten Canoe Complete Fleet you can put up to 20 paddlers on the water at once!


    We include two spare vests and two spare paddles to take along on your journey. For added safety, each vest/PFD has a pealess whistle attached.


    Why two extras? So you can run two separate groups, each group has a spare vest and paddle. If guiding as two groups, one group takes the throw bag while the other takes the floating towline.


    We have 12 youth/small adult and 10 adult vests to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes from teenagers to adults.


    You receive a full list of our fleet gear with the Equipment Hire Agreement to review, so can decide if you want to bring any additional gear of your own.

    More boats!

    we know where to go

    Our fleet hire means it is easy to price your programs minus the outlay and maintenance of gear.


    We also know who has the good canoes!


    Contact us if you require more boats than our fleet.

    Interested in SOT?

    so are we

    Sit-on-top kayaks are great for paddling fun. They are perfect for a short-session program and single day adventures for all ages.


    We have an excellent model planned for both solo and tandem kayaking and will be adding a new fleet to our gear collection.


    We envisage a SOT fleet available to hire at a per-day rate with a delivery option too.


    Let us know if is this is something you want to incorporate into your programs on the Mid North Coast or other east coast NSW areas!

    Can I call solid Canoe Fleet Hire?


    Daniel works as an outdoor guide so is often out on a trip or travelling and out of range.


    Our best contact is via the website or email solid.adv.aus@gmail.com


    Our contact number is 0475 693 648!

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